Strange Encouragement

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There are sometimes strange things in a Christian's life. I'd forgot about this today until a friend showed me a blurb by Harry Ironside. Quite a number of years ago I was staying in Avoca (very very country part of Wicklow Ireland), and I went for a walk in the evening. Anyway, after a while I sat on a country bench, and I mean this was in the middle of nowhere, and a few minutes later a guy came walking from the other direction, sat down and said hello.

I can't remember now how we got talking about Christ and the Bible but we did, and something he said remained forgotten until now - he advised me to go and look into and read some of Harry Ironside's stuff.

I never did. So I'm about to, better late than never!

We didn't exchange names, and the whole conversation lasted maybe 3-5 minutes before he up and continued his walk.

2 Thoughts

  • I should have looked Ironside up earlier.
  • Maybe a random conversation with another believer and an encouragement to check out the writings of someone is a good idea to do occasionally.