Container Talk

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When we're filling out a container with Gospels, leaflets, books, Bibles etc we get a couple of hours chat. We usually enjoy discussing Biblical topics of theology, practical Christianity and such.
It's awesome.

Here are some of this weeks discussions:

  • What it means to be in Christ.
  • Can we grow in Faith without suffering.
  • What it means to lead the home.

There's also the usual question from Simon as to what everyone is reading and how the Lord's working/blessing/leading - this can be very prodding and convicting at times. It can be an uncomfortable experience, but it's helpful and carries no weight of judgement, motivated only by love.
Quite often the topics spill into other topics and discussions, questions and thoughts. We talk serious, we joke and we mock each other, but it's all in good humour and above the fun side, there's an element where we feel that this is what true Christian friendship is like - getting in each other's lives, questioning and discussing things.

I'm blessed to spend time with these guys talking about the Lord who saved us and is working in us.

What About You?
Do you spend time chatting about random things of God?
Who do you talk and discuss with?
Do friends/or do you ask difficult questions about your friends walk with Christ?

Don't answer those, but as someone who's been on the uncomfortable receiving end of the questions, i'd encourage you to start . . .