Revival Movement's Machines - Wire-o Binding WM

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We do a lot of CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) material in Revival Movement Association and one of the most common formats is their flash card series of lessons. These are printed on the Heidelberg Speedmaster, cut to size, put together on the Collator and then go through this Wire-o Binding machine to be bound together ready for packing.

It is mostly volunteer staff who operate this machine and get through a staggering 2000(ish) sets every day. Alan, Jeff, Ronnie, Eric, Jackie & Gavin all run this machine throughout the week.

(Below: before binding, holes are punched creating a mountain of tiny waste at the back of the machine - this goes for recycling)

Revival Movement's Machines:
Wire-O Binding
Web Leader Press
Muller Concepta
Heidelberg Speedmaster
Stahl Folding
Avalon LF Thermal Plate Maker


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