Weekend: 28th December 2013

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It's the last weekend of 2013 and i'm chillin in Wexford. At this time of the year i constantly think and rethink about how i spent my year, wasted time and failure to live for Jesus plague me.
I'm working on a new project alongside Simon Hodge and it's one that I hope will shape my own future.
Barbara's Nanny passed away this weekend so my thoughts and prayers are with the whole family at such an emotional time.

On New Years Eve i've a photobooth pro at a ministry banquet and I'm looking forward to the fun of running that.

As a new year begins it's my prayer that my family and i would know Jesus more. With The Journey Church transitioning to Sunday mornings we are looking forward to family worship and fellowship there, most of all; drawing closer to Jesus.

How was your post-Christmas weekend?