Enjoyment & Embrace

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Her shouts of "higher daddy, higher" had stopped so I snuck around to grab a shot on my phone to see that her eyes were pretty much closed and she'd a grin of glee on her face as she swung forward and backward.
You could easily take Faith to the park and just stand pushing a swing for an hour and she'd go home happy having went on nothing else.

After this particular day on the swing she got off, kissed 'Teddy Brooke' and then hugged me. It was nice to simply have a hug because your kid enjoys herself.
[As a side note, in case your interested: Teddy goes everywhere with Faith - nursery, park, shops, on her bike, bed, our bed when Faith crawls in, the dinner table, and even the toilet . . .]

I wondered afterwards how often we simply embrace God more as a result of his gifts and for things we enjoy. Not in a superficial way, but one that is just an immediate response to enjoyment of His kindness toward us.



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