Wise words from Robert Downing Junior

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In an interview with Sam Jones in Off Camera magazine Robert Downing junior said the following
[i've 'Bleeped' a couple of words out for you guys] And i'd encourage you to go and watch or read the full interview at Off Camera

 "It’s important for me to demonstrate that I’m glad to be where I am, and I’m going to have an earnest and authentic empathy for the potential stress of doing things. I always want to be excited about what I’m doing."
Sam Jones replied: "Or else, what’s the point?"
To which RDJ said something about Sam Jones's statement that I thought was genius:
 "Right, well then the point is, you go down that rabbit hole of just being an 'Bleep' – a really lucky 'Bleep' — all the time."

 In a quick thought and probably a fair bit of guilt, i figured that we Christians can fail to actually live in excitement for the now and for what we're doing. Fail to be thankful and earnest over the circumstances and blessings we find ourselves in. We become really lucky 'Bleeps' 
[I'll replace the Bleep with wingnutt - we become really lucky wingnutts]

Our demeanor and attitude fail to reflect that we have been plucked out of the pit and have been set upon a rock. We grump and huff and cry boredom while the one who dreamt up everything in creativity that knows no equal bids us to come into His presence - that's astounding! And we can be so negative of life, of circumstances etc that  we are plainly a pain to be around. In short we are lucky wingnutts when we go down this route of thanklessness.

Sure, things may be pretty bad - i've tasted the bitter cup of real life too often it seems, and believe that the book of Job is probably the best field guide preparation manual for living - but, guys; brothers and sisters we know and are known by the true and living God, and He calls us His!

We have a reason to demonstrate that we are glad to be where we are and to be excited about what we are doing . . .