14 Years in Revival Movement Association - Some Thoughts

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When the printing press was invented and the Bible along with the writings of the reformers started getting into the hands of common people, the face of religion changed. One of my all time heroes from Church history, William Tyndale was to have his translation of the Bible smuggled into England where men and women, boys and girls from all ages could receive God's Word and read it for themselves. Many received Christ as their sole means of grace and salvation.
And this happened all over Europe as the Scriptures became available to everyone.

Today Revival Movement Association ships all across our world; containers jam packed with Gospels, tracts, leaflets, books, booklets and various teaching materials. This literature is in the languages and dialects of those for whom it is intended.

And we get letter, emails and reports back every single day of how Christ is working to call the lost and build His Kingdom in the growth of His people.

And this is possible because of you!
Because Christ has stirred His people to pray and to give so that the Scriptures can be printed and shipped freely to others, Revival Movement continues to print more and more, to seek new improvements in machinery and to do more in reaching the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So with 14 years under my belt i am grateful to Christ, to the leadership of the work & to the people who partner with it in supplying the vast needs of the work.
Thank you