Weird Conversations With Kids

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Sometimes you end up in weird conversations with kids. Like last night after Jacob & i read a children's story book about the sinking of the Titanic. When it came time to pray the chat went like this:

Jake: Don't forget to pray for the survivors of the Titanic.

Me: Jake, they all died years ago.

Jake: No the survivors, the ones who didn't die, the ones who were saved and went to New York. (He had a little frustration in his voice)

Me: Dude, that was years ago and all the survivors grew old and died.

Jake: No, i mean the ones in the lifeboats.

Me: Dude, i mean them too, this thing happened years and years ago.

Jake: Well we can still pray for them.

Me: We don't pray for the dead.

Jake: Why not?

Me: Because they're dead, we're reformed, and we don't pray for the dead.


Jake: "Lord we pray for the survivors of the Titanic . . ."


Joel said...

While the papist in me enjoys his perseverance, another thought comes to mind: Man may be bound by time, but God is not. Maybe He blessed those survivors in some way in response to a prayer He knew a little boy would pray after they had died.

Gary Boal said...

Agree about his perseverance, it's commendable. I hadn't considered God's being outside time restraints and prayer before in this way. Interesting thought...