Anticipation & It's Distraction From Trials

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"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us."
(Romans 8:18 ESV)

A Question
Why do we look forward to our holidays, our weekends, Christmas, birthdays, Valentines . . . ?
Because we have some expectations as to joy, relaxation and excitement. The extra hours overtime don't seem to bad when they're to pay for that once in a lifetime holiday or even the night out on Friday.

Not only that, our imagination fills with thoughts of what that holiday will be like, we study the brochures & reviews etc. Before the cinema we watch the trailers and consider the critics - which film will we choose? Or going for a romantic meal, a date; we check out the various restaurants, their menu & the 'feel' of the places - will it be candle lit with music. . .

The Point . . .
All this to say that when we're hoping to go somewhere or have some expectation, we look into what it's like and whether we reckon we'll like it or not. And if it captures our mind, often the anticipation can push aside many other thoughts and take their place.

Do we think of Heaven like this? Do we know what it will be like? Does it capture our hearts so that we can speak like Paul in Romans 8:18?