Christmas Outreach 2013

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Yep you got the title right. No joke, running through my machine right now is a Christmas leaflet.
It's in Spanish and is for Mexico. I know it takes longer for a container to ship to its destination but no way does it take 11 months so my guess is that the mission it is going to have some plans for what they'll be doing next Christmas and are making sure they are equipped with evangelistic tools.

My guess is that if they are planning ahead that far, they are currently active in plans that they had made a while ago, and are sharing the Gospel with those around them.

Let's reflect this down to an individual basis and ask "what plans or strategies can we have in place for telling others about Jesus over the duration of 2013?"

Will we reach the last week of January 2014 and look back and see that we sat upon our hands and bit our tongues -or- that we actively sought to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and advance His Kingdom on Earth?