A Monday Morning In Revival Movement

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This morning at Revival Movement Sam read a few letters from missions telling of how they are using literature and requesting more:

  • I found it very refreshing to hear that many have such a high view of God's Word that they know it is the weapon of choice in reaching their (sometimes troubled) nations. 
  • I found it challenging to think of how many missions, churches and individuals around our World love God and long to read His Word in their own language and to give it to others, and yet it is not readily available to them.
  • I found it provoking to think that for many missions and Christians in Africa, India, Russia, South America etc etc the place they turn is Revival Movement Association, in hope that we can provide Gospels, teaching materials and evangelistic literature.
  • I found it exciting to pray that while Christ provides the needs of this mission, it can provide the Written Word in the languages of these people groups. 
  • I found it a kick up the rear to pray that Christ would provide in abundance for this work so that it can provide more . . .