23 Valentine Ideas For The Lisburn Area [2013]

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This is an update of my older post from a few years ago. I've toned it down a bit from the original, although it is geared towards married guys.

Creativity is the key to V-Day so it's time to get our thinking caps on guys as to how we can help our wives feel beautiful, loved, and to steal a phrase; make her feel like she's the only girl in the world.
So here are some tips:

1. Book A Photographer for some portraits of you both at a location unique to you guys - somewhere special to you. Or as a gift that will help your special lady to feel beautiful as she has her makeup & hair done alongside a photoshoot.

2. Book a Restaurant and on the way home swerve into the premier inn where you also have a room booked. . . sorry but there is only one hotel in Lisburn - though there are a few B&B's . . .
(Extra hint - Go earlier in the day and check in with reception so you can go straight to the room).

3. Why not write her a poem telling of how beautiful she is, or if you are talented in the vocal department, turn this into a ballad and sing to her.

4. It's hard to beat flowers as part of your valentine romance.

5. Mix it up a tad and go for balloons instead of flowers.

6. Perhaps this one is a bit weather dependent but how about a basket of food in the boot of the car and a picnic in one of the local parks. (eg Hillsborough Pk, Castle Gardens, Wallace Pk...).

7. Lingerie & romance seem to go together, so why not do your homework on sizing and purchase some.

8. Massage oil, scented candles, soft, relaxing music and a bit of time
(Extra hint - make sure the room is warm)

9. Get your Jamie Oliver on . . . or at least one of his cook books, pick up some ingredients from one of Lisburns stores (eg. Sainsburies, Tesco, Greens) and wow her with some fantastic food.
(Extra hint - find out foods she may not like or have an allergy to).

10. While your wife is out, make a trail of petals to a hot bath you've prepared for her, have some soothing music playing and let her relax.

11. Book some Salsa lessons at the Island Center (Wed nights 7:30pm-8:30pm).
(Extra hint - go with her).

12. Take her to the Omniplex to see whatever this years Valentine film is.

13. If she's got a sweet tooth why not get a Valentine's cake delivered for her.

14. Rent a Dvd, light the fire & snuggle on the couch with some popcorn and a load of junk food.

15. Find out what her favourite perfume is and go get some.

16. Book her in to a spa for a pampering session. (Google will help find one).

17. DON'T FORGET the CARD, or better still - make one.

18. The clothes we wear influence how we feel, so help her feel amazing with some new clothes. Study her style and find out her sizes. (Bow St Mall has plenty of shops offering a variety of clothes).

19. What's the point in her feeling like the hottest girl on the planet if she's no place to go. So make sure and sort something out.
(Extra Hint - If you've went sophisticated and glamorous with tip 18 you'll want a destination where she'll not feel over dressed.)

20. Dress to impress. This doesn't have to mean hiring a tux, but it does mean a scrub in the shower, aftershave & B O spray and maybe a step up from the normal attire.

21. Exodus are holding a Valentine's Ball for those who qualify as 'youth'. This one is probably not for the majority of those who'll read this post. But don't you just wish there was a Valentine's ball (even masquerade Ball) for the rest of us

22. Jewelry is always a winner and with stores like Shannons or H Samuel's there's plenty of choice.
If your not married or engaged, maybe step up and get that ring . . .

23. Email doesn't hold a patch on paper & ink letters when it comes to romance. Why not write a letter telling her what is so amazing about her.
(Extra Hint -  post it a few days early).

What would you add?