Merlin Finishes with a 'not quite there' feeling

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I have really enjoyed bbc' s 5' series of Merlin, which happened to star a guy from N.Ireland; Colin Morgan.

The final episode wrapped it up in a somewhat satisfying yet unsatisfying way & left what was a tear jerking goodbye with hope.

Spoilers ahead
 Merlin stepped up but Arthur still died and was floated off to Avalon from where legend says he'll return in Britain's great time of need. Merlin is then seen walking in modern day Britain still awaiting his king to rise and fulfil the golden age.

In this last episode I couldn't help think of the fulfilment of prophecy, yet kept feeling that it was just 'not quite there yet'.

A Real King
In this it reminded me of another King, a real one who fulfilled many prophecies yet left before setting up His kingdom of paradise. As shepherds heard angels proclaim peace upon earth at the child's birth, the cry of it's finished upon the cross and the defeat of death when the stone rolled away we see a triumphant saviour. Yet we live in a broken world still awaiting His return to make all things New and begin an eternity of paradise under his rule.