If It's Gonna Break, It's Gonna Break Here . . .

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Machinery & Breakdowns

One of the greatest advancements in machinery during my time working in Revival Movement has been the Palamides. These babies bundle the books etc into neat piles, strap them and bring them out ready to go into boxes. While they speed things up quiet considerably there is a lot going on in these machines, which also means there's a lot can go wrong.

A year or so ago we had guys in from another print company looking at my machine which is pretty impressive (The Ehret). These guys were asking about the various issues etc and in brutal honesty i said about the Palamides "if it's gonna break, it's gonna break here".
You see 9 out of 10 stops occur because the Palamides gets jammed or just plays up. That's not to say it happens loads; just that it is the weakest link in the set-up.

Christians & Sin
Our lives are often like that as we seek to follow Christ. We seem good, but there's just this one area (not that it's constant) and if we're gonna break (sin); we're gonna break there!
That's why the Bible exhorts us in Hebrews 12:1 to lay aside the weights and sins that cling so closely - other translations describe them as the sins which so easily ensnare us.

Maybe we need to be honest and say "you know what, if i'm gonna sin, i'm gonna sin here".

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