Digital Doubter

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This Christmas saw a 2nd Kindle added to our home (the fire). Last year Babs bought me a kindle for Christmas and for months regretted it, she says my face said it all as I just set it down and moved on to the next present.

And down it stayed for 5months until we were packing for holidays in Rome and I thought "I'll download some Jack Reacher books onto this thing and see what it's like."

Until then I carried a warcry on behalf of paper books and argued that the feel of paper in my hands and what can only be described as pride in my bookshelves could not be matched by ereaders.

But the simplicity, the ease of use and the availability of books on the kindle are unmatched by walking into a shop. I can have whatever book I want within a few seconds and to be honest I'd now rather sit with kindle in hand than any book Barr one.

I still prefer to pick up my goatskin leather bound ESV Bible, but Not just because of How amazing it feels in hand, there are other reasons... It has been the place were I've met with my King over and over again. Not to say that you can't meet with Christ through His word in other formats, just that this has become my closet, my Sanai.

Anyway, I know many who read their Bible mostly or solely on ipads or kindles or phones and are meeting and growing in Christ. So this is a personal reason.

If you haven't tried a kindle you should consider the old phrase "don't knock it until you've tried it." Who knows, you might like it and save space in your house. . .

What are your thoughts on reading via technology?
Why do you like it (or not)?
What about its use to read the Bible?


Paula Roberts said...

I love my kindle fire and have a Bible app on it which I will use when I'm out and about, in work, waiting about for the kids. BUT it will not replace my Bible!! Like you it's my treasure and when I am alone with God and need His comfort and guidance I will always reach for it!

Gary Boal said...

the fire is a nifty device. who needs an iPad...

...unless you reside in s.Ireland where it apparently doesn't work the best.