Dealing with difficult people

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 Some people just seem hard to get on with.
We're moving house in January, I'm heading back to Culcavey. But today as Barbara was at the house one of our soon to be neighbours who has never met Barbara before  barged past her and proceeded to nosey around the house.

My wife being the lady she is didn't grab the woman by the hair and throw her out but simply blocked her path from going upstairs. Me, had I been there I'd probably have reacted much more ignorant and exceedingly cheeky in my usual response to such people. I see it as an attempt to help them realize how rude and downright unlikable they are in hope they'll change.

Not the Christian response?
Ok it's probably not the ' Christian' response but come on... Are we to be doormatts?

Anyway, I know this lady who sparked this post off, had forgotten her, but reckon I'll be having words with her in the future. I prob need to start praying and fasting over it now.

How do you deal with such people?