Tickling Reformed Ears . . .

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I was in a conversation recently when ear tickling was mentioned - this is when a preacher or speaker tells the people what they want to hear and is usually associated with positive words. But i was surprised when no one bit or responded when i made a statement that Gospel preaching can be ear tickling as well.

I guess it's down to knowing our hearers and knowing our motives for what we say, but i reckon it's easy to say that we can sometimes preach solid truths in order to tickle ears and tick the boxes of what makes a good sermon in our reformed/evangelical circles.

Why do we say a sermon was good?

  • Because the preacher said the right things? Ticked all our boxes?
  • Or because we find ourselves moved from one degree of glory to the next as we see & know Christ more and more through hearing with faith?

Our sermons aren't exams in which we have to get all the boxes ticked; rather we preach Gospel truths in order for the Spirit to work in lives that are deepeninng in Him.