Life Flips On Its Head . . .

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Sometime's life just flips right on its head and leaves you staggering in its wake. Last week i had Jake out on his bike cycling through mud and around some rough terrain. This week after contracting HSP he's pretty much crippled. Don't get me wrong the symptoms will clear in a few weeks and then he'll be fine until it decides to raise its ugly head again with its painful afflictions.

A couple of nights ago, after watching him hobble around i was nearly in tears when a very good friend asked about him. This moment was a gift from God re-aligning my thoughts as i suddenly was talking with a guy who's own son has a disability and my own circumstances seemed unworthy of complaint. Thank you brother for your example and prayers!

As for Jake, well, he's in a fair bit of pain, is in good form and is being pestered by his little sister who may be showing signs that she could be the wicked witch of the west . . . There's a management plan for the next year and then God willing it will flow into yearly checkups.

Thanks to all our friends & family who have been texting and ringing & praying. We appreciate it a lot.