Rant (Move along there's nothing to see here)

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"The Holy Bible is the Word of a Holy God, and a translation should be in a language appropriate to the Divine Author."

"The Bible was written by holy men of God . . .   . . . so a translation should use language and style appropriate to the inspired writers."

These phrases were in a leaflet i was handed in the past couple of days. I'm a bit puzzled as to the rational of the guy that wrote them since it seems to be that they view a particular translation as very special but are sort of hesitant to come right out and say it's inspired.
To follow these arguments in full we'd all have to learn the original languages; or maybe it's that we need to speak the languages of angels (something i'm pretty sure the writer of the leaflet would have a heart attack about).

In case there's any confusion my translation of choice (and recommendation) is to have a literal translation.

Yes it is the Word of a Holy God and was written by holy men of God. And i'll stand quite comfortably with my best friend from Church history; Billy Tyndale with the sentiment that it must be translated into a version that can be read and studied by the commonest of plow boys. That the vernacular of a translation should mean that the Bible can be known by everyone; from the educated classes to the most basic of readers.
Not that i'm saying the version concerned cant be read and understood . . . it can . . .

Rant over!