Primary School & Pom

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An 8 year old kid whom my son has often played with has been showing pom on his phone around the primary school he goes to. To add to this, other kids have been caught sneaking off to his house and coming out with videos on their phones, obviously parents are concerned  . . . but when the boy's parent was approached she laughed it off and made as though it's absolutely fine.

Thankfully Jake doesn't see this kid any more. But it raises concerns as a dad about the future temptations faced by children.

I was picking Jake up from a birthday party at the school on Saturday and took some time to pray for the teachers and head of the school; the parents, & especially the kids; that Christ would govern and in mercy take away an issue that ought not to be on the cards with such young kids.
They should be busy playing football in the playground instead of sciving off to dark corners to watch and share such images and videos on mobiles.

It struck home how much more prayer my kids and kids in general need as they grow up in this age . . . and how dangerous this issue is even to the younger generation.