Practical Christianity - Don't Get On Like A Wingnutt

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Lots of christian books tell us to pray, read our bibles, evangelize etc. How about sayin 'dont be a wingnutt'
I tweeted the above last night and decided to expand it a bit for a blog post. This is probably not worth your while reading and may in itself be me getting on like a wingnutt. But here it is anyway.

We All Get On Like Wingnutts
Lets face it, it takes one to know one and most of us would probably admit to some amount of wingnuttiness in ourselves. When i think of my younger, newly saved, zealous, knowing-nothing self i cringe with shame. I regurgitated stuff i heard from others without thinking it through. 
I'm thankful that i see many of the things i got hung up over as being nothing short of a *full packet.

Don't get me wrong, i still hit that wingnutt spot a fair bit - like when i raised a toast at my wedding to King Jesus (i'd do this again, though hopefully i don't have to). Perhaps that's the most evident one for years because i now have a young, beautiful, mature beyond her years wife who kicks or elbows me if she sees that side of things leaking forth like froth from a rabid dogs mouth.

Wingnutt Defined?
It's hard to really describe wingnuttiness, but we all know what it means. And it's ascribed more to people who never seem to mature enough to get past themselves getting on this way.
It can be getting on like a conspiracy theorist who thinks everyone & thing is against him. The person with a hang up over some obscure text and always talks about it to anyone around. Or it can just simply mean someone just continually gets on like a prize plonker.

Everywhere we go people get on like wingnutts, but it seems that the count rises within Christian circles. Or is it that Christians just end up getting on like wingnutts . . . mmmmm. You know what i mean!  

Christians Who Act Like Wingnutts
Anyone who reads my blog knows that i am full on for encouraging people to read their Bibles, but seriously, if we are going to close the covers and get on like an Olympic gold medallist in being a wingnutt there's something amiss.

 There's times to get on like a fool and give everyone a laugh, but wingnuttiness as talked about here is not that. Lets have fun, do evangelism, even look like fools for Christ when necessary. But lets not be wingnutty about it all, lets try and engage Biblical reasoning and plain human sense in our living, grow up and maybe even grow a set . . . yeh i said that!

Shouting Raca Or Saying Pull Your Socks Up
Maybe i've went to close in this post to calling a brother raca. If that's the case and the general feed back from people i respect as being less wingnutty than the rest of us i will repent and remove the post. But this is not my intention, and is why i have continually stated 'getting on like a wingnutt' rather than describing as being purely 'a wingnutt'.

After all if we claim Christ and get on like clowns, what are people to really think of our Christianity?

*Full Packet: This is a negative descriptive term meaning rubbish, wick etc. It's used among some friends and if it takes off in our culture i will never ever tell where it is derived from.