Encouraging Children To Read

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I was visiting a lady recently who, while i was there, lamented over one of her relatives' children not reading. She then asked about my kids. Here's the answer i gave with advice she asked for so she could pass on.

As a Christian dad my desire for my children to read, and read well is driven by the desire for them to know God. In no other medium does God reveal Himself as clearly to us as He does in the Bible. Sure there are other ways God is revealed; Creation, preaching etc. But none of these are as clear or as personal as reading the Bible for yourself.

As necessary and God ordained as preaching is, to open the Word and experience the revelatory work of The Spirit as He uses the Bible to increase our knowledge and love for God in a first person way, is incredible.

Their Christianity is at stake because; this is eternal life, that they know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. They may know Him better and deeper if they can study the Bible for themselves.
[There is no 100% guarantee of this, but it is guaranteed that they will never flourish as Christians if they do not read & study the Bible.]

Encourage Reading
  • Read to children, not just Bible, or books about the Bible, but stories and general fun story books. 
  • Buy books. They don't have to be expensive as plenty of second hand books are available for kids, and i'm sure relatives or friends can offer some from when their kids were young.
  • Switch the TV off or take time in their room to read.
  • Read at various times, not just bed-time.
  • Help do the homework and go a step further.
  • As they learn, give them opportunity to read with you - so stop every so often and see if they can 'help you out' by sounding out a word.
  • Read in front of them. Read the Bible a lot so they have memories of dad reading the Bible - make this book an obvious treasure in your house. But read other books as well.
  • Your kids are grown up? It's not too late. Go for coffee, gift them a good book and apologize for not prioritizing reading in your home.