Looking in the Mirror

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What do you see when you look in the mirror?
It's probable that when you look in the mirror, that part of your body that you hate stands out a mile - for me it's an extra bit on my right ear.

Peter Hurley the photographer uses the FEDEX sign to show how we each see our physical flaws while others don't see them as strongly as we see ourselves.
Find the arrow & spoon below:

You find them yet? the small e has the spoon and the arrow runs between big E to the x.

Spiritual Flaws
Anyway, while we each see our physical flaw we tend to be blind to our spiritual flaws; ignoring, watering down or glancing over the sins that so easily ensnare us and weights that weigh us down and drag us away from Christ. We see ourselves as 'good' people having never hurt anyone, or atleast not meaning to - or we compare ourselves to someone 'worse'.

I'm pretty sure the Apostle Paul saw a wretched man, the chief of sinners. And with most of the Godly men i have read about or know/know of; the closer they seem to be to Christ the worse they see themselves. It seems that scripture is that mirror which highlights sin and flaws within us to the point that we recognise how far we are from the mark and how reliant we are upon the perfect Christ.

Anyway, forget the physical spoon and arrow that we see in the mirror - what are the spoons and arrows of our souls?