Trust In The Bookshop? I'm Going Back To Online Retailers

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I recently asked in a local bookshop about a book i was looking to get. The guy at the counter typed in his computer and said "yep, we can have that here by next Thursday or Friday". I decided to give them the business and order it, paid up front (because they wouldn't order it in unless i did), and was told they would ring when it arrived.

All this against the backdrop of my wise wife telling me i should order online cause it'll arrive sooner!

I should have listened.

Flash forward to the following Friday and my kind wife enters the bookshop to make an enquiry about the order and is told that they are very sorry, it's not in stock after all, and they will ring later after checking to see if other stores have it or if they can indeed get it. It's the following Thursday now and still no phone call.

I really should know by now to listen to Barbara and go with her advice.
And even if the book does come from them that particular chain has lost my business to online retailers. 

There may be many reasons why bookshops are losing business to online retailers but sometimes it's their own fault.

Update: Faith Restored in the bookshop