Forget Resolutions - Just Live

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When we drive our cars we seem to merely exist in that moment for the destinations sake, but fail to really live during the journey. We neglect the things around us, the time we have together in the car etc and just put the peddle down with a mind full of where we are going.
Lets not live that way, but lets make the most of every moment whether we've achieved our goals or not. The journey is all part of it and certainly for us Christians it is a great time to get closer with the God who we will spend eternity with, and a time in which we can live to make Him known to those around us.

We spend so much time pondering our future and thinking about goals etc that quite often we neglect to live in the present. Don't get me wrong those few pounds could do with being shed and the gym is a good idea. That habit should be beaten and targets must be set.

But lets not lose sight of where we are right now!