Discipline & Spontaneity in Reading The Bible

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"Discipline and spontaneity. We need both in reading the Bible: discipline to move steadily through books of the Bible, and spontaneity to go to a part of the Bible that we sense will meet a particular need. Both can be powerful with encouragement for faith. Sometimes in the midst of discipline, unexpected power will spring forth, and the line between spontaneity and discipline disappears."
John Piper [A Godward Life pg56]


Anonymous said...

As always, a great post.
I love everything John Piper has ever written. I'm now reading "Desiring God" and just enjoying it so much.

This particular thing you posted this morning is a great follow-up to your post earlier in the year, where you discussed possibly not following a set plan--- that it sometimes may be too rote-- only after my husband and I had started a one-year planned trip through the Bible! Still going strong on it--- woo-hoo 26 days--

but this is a great follow-up, that it is BOTH things that can be used: the planned trip as well as remaining open to the lead of the HS.

Thanks for your blog, Gary; I have the picture of you and all (EH)Crusaders up on my fridge and pray for you all every day. Eve

Gary Boal said...

Thanks Eve, and thankyou so much from all of us at EHC for your support and prayers, we are continually aware that the work would faulter if not for the prayers of many.

I trust you and your husband are keeping very well and being blessed together by the Scriptures.