We Found Love In A Hopeless Place

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You walk out in the darkness. It is day time!
Mesmerized you follow the torchlight of others and find yourself walking out of the city and up a hill. It's dark, cold and the mood is solemn. For a moment you look around thinking; "what am i doing, there's nothing here" but then, out of the darkness you see a form.

Is it a man? No, surely not! But as you squeeze closer the shape of a man appears through the gloom. You vomit as you see this pale resemblance of humanity; naked, beaten, whipped, marred and crucified.

Then someone says the unthinkable; "I think this is Jesus".
"No" you gasp, "but we thought He was to be the chosen one?"

This dark, dreary, bloody place of death is a hopeless place

Or is it?

OK the title may be cheesy but last night when i came into the room after getting the kids settled Rihanna was dancing around stage miming to this song. The chorus made me consider how the greatest act of love to the entire human race is to be found in a hopeless place - a place called Golgotha.