Just Tell Me About The Kingdom Work - A Plea To The Mission Report

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Over the years i've heard many mission reports. While, in general they have instilled a love for missions, i have also observed that not many are really all that Christ centered.
You can keep the food, silly antics & most of the scenic pictures for twitter or facebook. . . OK show some to say that it's not all hard graft. But find a balance that tips the scales Christward.

One of my least favourite reports over the years shared about the livestock and crops at a 'missionary' farm and the humanitarian aid that flowed from it (which is all commendable and good), but a mere text on the end does not lead to a Christ centered report, nor to hearers being challenged to spread the Gospel to every land.

Thrill us with Christ centeredness; details and information about where you were and what you were doing carefully woven in so that Christ is the essence and scent that flows from your moments infront of us - use this time wisely and let most of your words carry missional weight behind them.

How Jesus was uplifted and what did He accomplished in your time there both in you and those around you. What is the challenge of the great commission to me