Reformation Day - Which Reformer?

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Who's your favourite reformer and why?

Mine: William Tyndale (i think he counts as a reformer).

Why: The modern Bible.


Jonny Pollock said...

John Knox is an interesting one...would have been great to have a coffee with him, although I can't imagine what he would have done hyped up on caffeine!

Why: He had some courage and an iron spine, as he was involved in the Reformation in Scotland. His biographies are amazing.

Surely they should release "Reformation Character Cards." Would be legendary!

Joel said...

Hard as it is to say, I think Luther. While I have my reservations about some of the reformers' motives, I think Luther was driven by love of God and hatred of hypocrisy. And if he didn't always have those int he right order, well, which of us does?

Gary Boal said...

i bet a lot of people would be somewhat confused to hear you say that Joel. "...which one of us does?" is a great question