Seeing God In The Bible: Malachi

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What does God look like in the book of Malachi? What does it tell us about Him?

He Loves (1:2), He is Great (1:5), LORD of hosts (1:6), His name will be great among the nations (1:11), He curses those who cheat (1:14), He is a great King (1:14), Feared among the nations (1:14), He sends curses (2:2), He rebukes (2:3), His covenant is of peace & life (2:5), Father (2:10), Creator (2:10), Witness at marriages (2:14), Makes husband & wife one by a portion of His Spirit (2:15), Seeks us to raise Godly children (2:15), The LORD the God of Israel (2:16), Grows weary of our words (3:1), No one can endure the day of His coming or stand when He appears(3:2), He is like a refiners fire (3:2), He is like fuller's soap (3:2), He will sit as a refiner and purify (3:3), He draws near for judgement (3:5), A swift witness against sorcerers, adulterers, liars & oppressors (3:5), He does not change (3:6), He will pour blessing upon the generous (3:10), He will rebuke the devourer (3:11), He pays attention to those who fear Him (3:16), His people are His treasured possession (3:17), He spares (3:17), On His day evildoers will be set ablaze (4:1), Sun of righteousness (4:2), He acts (4:3).

As i opened up my moleskine and flicked through it this morning, i stopped in the section of notes taken from Malachi and enjoyed what this short book tells us about God. I thought i'd type it up here.
This, as with my journey through the Bible in this way is not exhaustive regarding what is taught about God, rather there are huge depths untouched.