New Home - Some Reflections On Stuff

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We moved house over the weekend. No big deal, just a lot of lifting and driving to & fro. I was amazed at the amount of stuff we've accumulated in our time at our old house. The attic was the most difficult to clear and still has some to do. But as i've hauled boxes, furniture, toys, toys, toys & more toys i've been thinking about how this is not our home, we are sojourners here and will one day go home to the Kingdom we have been bought into.

What will we take?
There'll be no packing, no removals, just Jesus and the provision of an eternal place in Heaven prepared for us through His blood.

The move has caused us to lighten our load (a bit anyway). Perhaps we could do with lightening it some more so that while we pass through this world 'stuff' becomes less prominent & fades to background bokeh (blur) as Jesus takes the prime focus in the foreground.