7 Containers in 7 working days - All Filled With Christ Centered Literature

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It's been an epic couple of weeks at Revival Movement Association as we've packed out a stack of containers. Last Wednesday, Thursday & Friday saw containers each day. And so far this week; Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday saw containers being filled, with the promise of another on Thursday.

Not only does this mean i've had great workouts over these days, but more importantly that container loads with 18-20 tonnes of Gospels, tracts, children lessons & books, along with various other leaflets are heading to over 7 countries.

My prayer is that Christ would be pleased to work mightily through His Word to save, exhort & teach many as a result of the literature. I give thanks for His provision through His people and the continued support and interest in the work, as well as the endless cry for more, that comes from around the globe.