A Plastic Beauty - Faking Christianity

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How good we are at putting on a front! Making sure the image we put out of ourselves is a moral, good, clean cut, almost perfect, loves Jesus with every fiber  sort of projection. But come a little closer and you'll see that we're not so real. There's something almost plastic looking about our lives - because so often we are faking it.

To move from lifeless mannequin, regardless of how smooth its complexion, pretty its clothes or how perfect it looks in the shop window; we risk showing our imperfections, weaknesses, sins, scars and vulnerabilities.

The Bible is full of people God used and worked through, and the flaws in them are not only left uncovered, sometimes the Bible goes out of its way to make sure we know them. Why? Because it's real. Unlike the facade we so often play at, God remembers our frame - that we are dust, and sinful dust at that, and He's honest about it.

I believe Jesus' words in John 17:3 hold a vital key to living here and now as Christians; "And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom [God has] sent." These words are not only about salvation, but about eternal living, you see those who have eternal life all have the same distinguishing factor; they know Jesus Christ. Knowing Jesus sets us free from having to pretend; when we know our hope is in Him and not in some image or expectation, it is much easier to be ourselves and live in light of who we are in Him (saved but being sanctified). 

Hopefully we get to know Him even a little bit more this week . . .