Carry Your Bible . . .

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I've been told that people should carry their Bible out to church in the mornings so their neighbours can see they're a Christian.

While, admittedly i'm one of those guys that generally does take their Bible most places, i think there's a huge problem if your testimony before your neighbours is founded upon carrying it to the car.

At best, it's plain lame, at worst its a bit like the pharisees shouts of good works; 'look at me, i'm a Christian, going to church, carrying a Bible'.


Jonny Pollock said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your post...adding to the fact that a lot of people use their iPod/iPad now to read in church, there are a lot of people judging the lack of carrying a Bible. Some of my family, who aren't believers, hold to those things quite legalistically actually. ( "I mean, if you think so highly of the word of God, why don't you bring it with you everywhere?")

However, this is, and has always been the case in a whole lot of areas. As a pastor I love seeing someone carrying a well worn, well read Bible to church with them. But I do understand that it alone can't be used as a measuring tool for Christian maturity.

Great post!

Boaly said...

There is an unspeakable beauty to a well worn, almost battle scarred Bible.