2009's Reading (Part One)

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The past couple of years i've posted a list of the books i read throughout the closing year, and i will do this before the end of the week.
My list for 2009 is considerably shorter. Not because i've read less; yes i read less books, but i read far more Bible than i think i ever have before in one year.

Last January i felt the shame of being a Christian and not having read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. And so with a reading plan which consisted of opening up at Gen 1:1 and beginning, i began. Admittedly when i hit Leviticus i also hit a wall of laziness and of struggle, and actually took 3 months to read that 1 book.

However, finishing of Revelation in September i realized that it had been THE single most worthwhile thing i'd done. From cover to cover the prominent theme that hit me was God's grace to rebels, and in particular to me.

After finishing i decided that i would begin again, only this time i would really seek to see God. Exodus 29:43 stands in my memory; where God declares that He would sanctify by His glory. And meditating on this text along with John 17:17 made me long, yearn and pray that God would indeed sanctify me by His glory.

And so, figuring His glory is best displayed in His Word, i picked up a moleskine and pen & started noting the descriptions, attributes, characteristics, etc of God as i re-read this living book. This has swiftly surpassed my earlier read in its mind blowing, earth shattering, humbling truths that make me cling onto the life, death and resurrection of Jesus tighter and tighter.

I'm a long way from finishing and i know i'm missing loads of His displayed glory, but i highly recommend you try this. It is a way to see and know God in deeper, richer, fearful and more intimate ways.