Two of the Books Revival Publishing are working on

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I've been getting to read a few of the books that Revival Publishing (part of Revival Movement Association) are working on bringing back into print. These will be shipped throughout the world at a low, low cost that people in Africa, India and many countries can afford.
Here i highlight two of my favourites from these 'olde classics'.


heartafire said...

Oh, Boy....those are 2 good ones. I have found every single aspect of Every Home Crusade and Revival Movement Association to be so very sound, and God's hand is clearly upon this organization.

I love these 2 choices. I am going to try to find them online/eBay.

P.S. Gary, you didn't say if that was you reading, but funny thing: whenever I read your posts, I "hear" your voice, but you always sound like an American to me! What fun to hear that great accent for real--

Boaly said...

I laugh at that! Yeh it was me speaking, though you should hear my wife's accent, it's the full on irish accent. Mines just the northy (belfast) one.

As you say Revival Movement seems to be very sound in its choices etc. Something i haven't thought of before but have taken time to thank Christ for since you mentioned it there.