Praying For Hurting Children

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LORD there are children suffering at the hand of the evil doer,
Lives ruined, souls tormented and in despair.
Knowing only sorrow, loneliness, suffering and pain,
Crying for help, to feel joy and peace again.
Souls are marred on earth for all of their days
When wicked prevail in evil ways.
Children, defenceless against evil schemes,
Suffer in silence at the hands of fiends.

Oh Christ look down with justice from above,
Rescue the children, may they know pure love.
Send forth to the victims some rescuers
To protect them from horrid monsters.
May You heal hearts, souls and minds
to live and reclaim normal lives.
May children who've been deeply abused
Once again sing childhood songs and be amused
With toys and games and fun filled days.
May they know You and Your redeeming ways.

I was overwhelmed yesterday on my way home from work by the awareness of the suffering of abused children in our world. My journey home was tear filled and prayerfully asking that Christ would move in our world to restore the broken lives to fullness and normality. That He would bring justice upon those who would hurt children, and send compassionate protectors forth into their lives. The above is an overflow of this.


heartafire said...

This is dear.

I have found it a wonderful thing to be moved in the spirit to pray for particular people or groups.

heartafire said...

I wonder if the reason this is so much on your mind is a result of the stories coming out about the RC church in Ireland, and the decades-long cover-up of appalling abuse in churches and schools...?

Boaly said...

It could be there, and probably is a huge aspect. But i'd seen a school boy walking as i drove home, he lookeed so miserable. I don't know him, nor do i know anything about him, but in that instant this whole thought of hurting children rushed my mind and broke my heart.