Just because i'm not part of your denomination doesn't mean i disagree with you.

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Let me explain why i'm writing this post:

Recently i said i would like to meet up with another Christian, whom i had only met 5mins before; to enjoy fellowship with them. To this came the response; "Why, so you can get wired into my denomination?"

Sometimes there can be an assumption that because someone is not part of another Christians particular denomination that they must disagree with it.
What a stupid ideology!
Just because i choose something else doesn't mean i disagree with everything else.

Our Differences
Christendom is made up of a variety of denominations and independent churches and fellowships. Some are traditional, others aren't. Some use drums, guitars and various other instruments and others don't use instruments at all. Some don't care what you wear, while for others you get your Sunday best on and get your hair licked to the side before leaving home. There are many different preferences over many issues.

But for me these are open handed issues.
They don't need to divide us or prevent us from loving each other as Christ commanded. All these things will fade into oblivion when Jesus, the God of the universe sets up His kingdom.

Uniting Factors
I'd also describe uniting factors as closed handed, or fundamental issues. These are of utmost importance and are to die for before any compromise.
Things like God as creator and sustainer. The fall and the fact that we are all sinners. That no one will be saved by works of the law, but only by Jesus who lived, died & rose again on our behalf, so that by faith we need not face the eternal wrath of God but live for ever with Him as adopted sons & daughters of God. . .

These issues can and should be unifying among the denominations and Churches as we love Jesus through His Word, by His Spirit together.

Advice From D.L. Moody
Of these closed and open handed issues D.L. Moody gives some balancing advice when he says "Religious liberty is a good thing, within certain limits. But it is one thing to show toleration to those who agree on essentials, and another to those who differ on fundamental beliefs."

Good, Biblically solid theology is the evidence that we are brothers and sisters who have been sealed with the same Spirit. Style and preferences really won't matter all that much in eternity.
So please don't think that just because i choose a different type or style of doing things, that i'm disagreeing your denomination.


heartafire said...

This is such a great post.
We recently took our girls to a friend's daughter's Bat Mitzvah. They were very interested in the service, but confused by us going and participating.

Their whole lives we have prayed for Jewish friends to be converted to Christianity. So, their confusion was "why are we celebrating this, when they don't even believe in Jesus?" and we told them, that the Jewish heritage is our heritage too, and it's true our friends don't believe that Jesus was God...yet. But someday they will.