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heartafire said...

This was really really good.
I don't know why, but Mark Driscoll himself is not very appealing to me--perhaps it is his appearance, with the funky clothes and the edgy hairstyle--prob. I am just a critical fuddy-duddy. I am just struck by this every time I listen to him---the teaching is appealing but the person is not. I get this feeling of a disconnect somewhere.

Anyway, the message was awesome---and I esp. loved that he used the example of Michael Jackson. Yes, what a fantastic musician, but a truly troubled person whom no one really loved enough to help; and certainly he is not worthy of the adulation being poured out all over the world. I have been to a few MJ concerts, and even then rem. being struck by the thought: "Hey, people, this is not Jesus, you know..."

Boaly said...

Yeh, i know a lot of people feel this way about Driscoll.

I love what you say "Hey, people, this is not Jesus, you know..." Something that could be said about a lot more things eg sport, films etc