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Revival Movement Association has had the great joy in printing literature for Bible Mission. We always enjoy fellowship with the staff of Bible Mission, and i'm thrilled that Beate Peters wrote today's post telling of one project that they do each year.
A huge thanks to Beate for taking the time to tell us about what they are doing.

The project 1:10
Personal Evangelism

It’s a project that is very simple, but very effective. The purpose of the project is to train and equip believers of the local churches throughout the former Soviet Union to reach out to their communities. The churches members are encouraged to choose by prayer 10 people they know (friends, colleagues at work, neighbors…) and to visit them over the New Year and Christmas holidays with a gift and a clear personal testimony of their faith.

Christmas in the former Soviet Union is celebrated at the beginning of January. It’s a time when people don’t go to work, they are at home, and they like it if someone brings them a gift. So the literature sets with calendars and evangelistic brochures are a wonderful opportunity to visit them and to share the Gospel. But the believers are not only encouraged to do this evangelistic outreach, but to continue working with the people throughout the whole following year, to pray for them, help them in their needs, invite them to church.

The outcome is a true blessing. See the results of the 1:10 project last year in December / January. The church members are burning the with the desire to reach out to even more people in their towns and villages.

· Project 1:10.

  • 1446 churches took part in the project conducted in the period of New Year and Christmas 2008/2009.

  • BMI was able to mobilize, train through local leaders and equip 50107 members of these churches for personal evangelism, who had the opportunity of reaching 503750 people with a clear presentation of the Gospel.

  • According to our statistics (we made a survey and questioned 41% of the church leaders, 11.8% of the believers who participated and 7% of the target group), we can see these results:

  • 47% of the target group agreed or expressed the desire to meet again

  • 26% of the target group met with believers

  • 17% of the target group attended several times (or attend) a small group or a church

  • 6% of the target group took the decision to follow Christ

    Yes, we will have to do a lot of work to make sure that these people will be given the right spiritual food and fellowship with children of God, so that they can become part of Christ’s body, the church. But the beginning was made, and we invite you to rejoice and thank the Lord with us.


    I liked the evangelistic material very much, it is easy to understand even for the most simple people. Although I am limited in my possibilities, I had the opportunity of meeting with 6 people. The other 4 sets were distributed by my daughter. I am so happy about meetings with people when you can tell them about Christ. But the problem is that many agree to meet just as an act of courtesy, and not because they have the desire. The greatest difficulty is the ignorance of people and their lack of faith, this is a chronicle disease of people – there is no faith.
    I remember one meeting with a young man who was so drunken. I asked him why he is attracted by drinking. He told me about the relationships in his family, about difficult relationships to his mother and step-father. Then I told him about Christ, that He came to safe those who get lost. After this discussion, we began meeting and discussing life through the eyes of the Gospel. How much of His grace and blessing is God giving to someone who comes to faith and follows Christ. Praise God. He repented.

    Andrej Klinikov, village Sovjetskoje, area of Sakhalin, Russia
    (invalid in wheel chair)

    With God’s grace, I gave literature packages to 10 people. They weren’t even enough, because there were many more people who wanted such a gift. They all liked the literature and were grateful. We talked to each of them, I invited them to church, and three people decided to come to church. One lady said: “I had been looking for a church for a long time, now I am glad that I found one. I liked it so much in your church, the people show response, they always smile, and liked the fellowship and discussions with the pastor and the believers so much, the powerful sermons, it feels so good in my the soul that I met you. I will always go to church.”

    Galina Tsoj, Naltchik, Russia.

    I have one desire, that there were as many brochures as possible. I gave all of them away and it was not enough, I would like for many more people to have these brochures. I met with people and talked to them about the godly goodness and love of our heavenly Creator. I think these meetings were successful, because with the help of these brochures, I can tell at least some people who don’t know Christ about the great personality of Christ. Now I pray for these people.

    Valentina Ostaninina, Tshelyabinsk, Russia.

    Beate Peters
    Liebigstr. 1
    63843 Niedernberg, Germany

    ph. +49 (0)6028 - 80 70 16
    fax +49 (0)6028 - 80 70 18


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