Rush Upon Us Oh LORD

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There 6 times we read of the Spirit of God 'Rushing' upon people; Samson, Saul & David. 3 times upon Samson, 2 upon Saul & 1 upon David. Although i guess the experience of the Apostles at pentecost was pretty much descriptive of the Spirit rushing upon them.

We in the new covenant have received the Spirit as a seal of our redemption, He leads, guides, comforts, teaches & helps us. We are instructed to be filled by Him, to walk in Him, to put sin to death by Him among many other things. He also gifts and empowers us for ministry.

But it's hard to read of these 3 guys and not think about how nice it would be to be rushed upon by the Spirit of the LORD.

The fact we only read of this happening on few occasions indicates that it is not the norm. Yet i can't help thinking it'd be a helpful experience in knowing Christ & in serving a dying world for His glory.

How about you?