God Displayed ~ Exodus

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God deals well with those who fear Him (Exodus1:20-21), He hears cries for help (Exodus2:23). Remembers His covenants (Exodus2:24), He Knows (Exodus2:25), God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob (exodus3:6), Sees the afflictions of His people (Exodus3:7), 'I AM who I AM ['I AM' is His name] (Exodus3:14), Causes favour (Exodus3:21), Made mans mouth (Exodus4:11), Teacher (Exodus4:12), Has a strong hand (Exodus6:1), He is LORD (Exodus 6:2), God Almighty (Exodus6:3), Releases from burdens (Exodus6:6), Redeemer (Exodus6:6), Gives possessions (Exodus6:8), Has power over Nature, Animals, Insects, Life (Exodus7:14-12:29), Delivers with a strong hand (Exodus13:9), Leads His people (Exodus13:21-22), Glorifies Himself (Exodus14:4), Makes Himself known as The LORD (Exodus14:4), Works salvation (Exodus14:13), Fights (Exodus14:14), Triumphant (Exodus15:1), Strength for us (Exodus 15:2), Someone to sing about (Exodus15:2), To be exalted (Exodus15:2), Man of war (Exodus15:3), Glorious in power (Exodus15:6), Great in Majesty (Exodus15:7), Furious (Exodus15:7), Overthrows His enemies (Exodus15:7), There is no god like Him (Exodus15:11), Majestic in Holiness (Exodus15:11), Awesome in glorious deeds & wonders (Exodus15:11), Steadfast in love (Exodus15:13), Redeemer (Exodus15:13), Reigns forever (Exodus15:18), A Banner (Exodus17:15), Helper (Exodus18:4), Deliverer (Exodus18:4), He is God (Exodus20:2-3), Jealous (Exodus20:5), Causes His name to be remembered (Exodus20:24), Gives laws to judge the guilty (Exodus21:1-23:9), Causes terror (Exodus23:27), Is like a devouring fire (Exodus24:17), Likes perfect detail & obedience (Exodus25:9), Gives skill (Exodus28:3), Sanctifies by His glory (Exodus29:43), Gives ability, intelligence & knowledge by His Spirit (Exodus31:3), Wrathful (Exodus32:10), Relents from disaster (Exodus32:14), Blots sinners out of His book (Exodus32:33), Punishes idolatry (Exodus32:35), Gracious (Exodus33:19), Merciful (Exodus33:19), Man cannot see Him and live (Exodus33:20), Proclaims His name (Exodus34:5), Abounding in steadfast love (Exodus34:6), Forgives iniquity, transgression & sin (Exodus34:7),  Does not clear the guilty (Exodus34:7), Does marvels (Exodus34:10), His works are awesome (Exodus34:10), His commands are to be observed (Exodus34:11), His name is jealous (Exodus34:14), Can cast out nations (Exodus34:24).

As always this is a mere scraping of the revelation of God to be found in Exodus and there is so much more of Him to be seen than i think we'll ever see.

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