Examples: Andrew & Philip

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A couple of nights ago i was reading Jacob his Bible story before bed-time. This particular night was about how, when Andrew met Jesus he ran off and told Peter, and how Philip likewise ran off and told his buddy Nathaniel.

After reading, Jacob & i proceed to pray, and i have made it a custom to draw something from the story to center the prayer around. This night's was simple, yet very challenging to myself:

"Lord help us to follow the example of Andrew & Philip, and tell our friends about Jesus. . ."

It's so easy to tell strangers, to give out tracts, even to stand in a pulpit & preach. But often when it comes to non-churched, non-christian friends; we don't want to offend or risk the friendship or seem like a 'Bible-Basher'. We may employ many means, like facebook, Twitter etc to try & reach friends without offence, but it's so easy for them to ignore status updates or tweets.

I guess the only way of making sure they hear the Gospel is to risk, going out on a limb, and verbally yet graciously & lovingly inviting them to come and see The Promised One ~ Jesus . . .