Christendom & Advancement

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The BBC has recently shown a series on How the Celts saved Britain. I like my history so i loved this, along with BBC3's A History of Scotland (just thought i'd mention another interesting documentary).

I was struck in 'How the Celts saved Britain' as to how the 'Christian' communities & specifically monastic life contributed to agricultural & technological advancement. Art, literature, education, architecture and communication are just some of the other areas advanced greatly by Christendom during the so called 'Dark Ages.'

It made me pause to think of our own day and the contribution of Christianity, or more specifically, that the evangelical & reformed Church has to make to our culture & society. In a society when the Christian Church is almost frowned upon & considered archaic, how can we lead the way in these & other areas?

How can we lead the way in the advancement of creativity, education, science, technology, literacy, philosophy & architecture etc? All areas for which our modern society owe huge debts to Christendom at large, but areas which we have to some degree neglected in recent years.