Every Home Crusade: Considering Christ & The Help of Engineers Etc...

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Yesterday at Every Home Crusade Simon & Junior began printing the 'Consider Christ' leaflet. This is a project by the Free Presbyterian Church and it's a great joy for us to partner with them in this. One of these leaflets will be coming through the post to every home in Northern Ireland.

May Christ be pleased to stir up many people to enquire about Himself & that we'd see many people come to Him as a result.

You may remember that we partnered with Independant Baptist Churches earlier this year to do a similar project in South Ireland. This means that in 2009 we've printed tracts that have went, or will go to every home in the entire country, both North & South.


With the arrival of new machines etc in our new building, in chatting with others who're being trained & helped by these guys, we'd like to thank all of them for their help & the training they're giving us. Above is Ivan Lee (his stern look makes me think he's maybe a relative of Bruce), training Robbie (Paul Roberts) on the new printing press.

Please continue to pray for many of us as we are trained & get to grips with our new machines etc...

*You'll find more pictures at the Every Home Crusade Facebook page