Boys-2-Men What is wrong with males?

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What is wrong with the male race?

Original Sin
Way back, Adam, the very first male failed to take the responsibility that God had given him serious. He permitted a talking snake to discuss God's Word with his wife Eve (the 1st woman). The result was that God's word was twisted, she disobeyed without Adam raising any alarm & he followed suit!

Since then every male & female has been born in sin which separates us from & causes us to be enemies of God!

Our Sin
Our first father's failure to take responsibility is a trait in the whole male gender, and today you can find us hanging on street corners drinking, farting about & getting up to all sorts of mischief. Guys want to sleep with girls with plenty of fun but no responsibility, often sticking with one night stands or at worst murdering children who are the result of their sexual activity.

They are not willing to grow up, get a job, romance one woman, win her hand in marriage & commit to loving her the rest of their lives.

Rather they want to play xbox, watch films, ride whatever they can, play a little sport, eat loads of pizza, drink beer & sponge off their parents as long as they can.

The main problem in any town, city or society, can really be traced back to young males as we drink, vandalize & become general nuisances around the place.

Even many married men have not 'grown up' and we merely want our wives to serve us in the bedroom & kitchen at our command. Without any effort on our behalf to romance, protect, or even help them out around the house, because we're too busy gripping things in our hands - eg TV remote, steering wheels control pad etc...

We ignore our children (if we even hang around with their mothers) and often have very little to do with raising them or teaching them about Jesus (that's what Sunday school teachers & youth pastors are for).


Or we are mummy's boys, who've clung tightly to our mum's apron strings and remain afraid to stand up fr ourselves, deal with life for ourselves and are too cowardice to ever think about romancing a woman. Mummy boys aren't looking for a wife, but a woman who'll mother them; cooking, cleaning, making the phone calls, and making every decision there is to be made for them and tucking them in at night.

I know a few mummy's boys (truthfully there's a trait of this in me that has to be fought against), but these guys are wimps who go crying to the nearest woman at the first sign of any trouble or conflict. They cannot deal with anything!

But one thing is for sure ~ which ever type of guy we are; sin has messed us up and we are far from what God intended when he made man! Honour & chivalry have gone out the window, love & courage have been swept under the carpet and we've become lazy bullies or effeminate 'nice' guys.

Okay, i could rant about this some more, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments!

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