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Jesus The Man
Jesus is the ultimate example of manhood. He courageously preached the Kingdom of God, calling people to repent from their sins and turn to Him for the forgiveness of sins. He overcame satan, sin & temptation, fighting valiantly with the Word of God through the Spirit of God. He called men to Himself & to His mission.

And He laid down His life for the sake of saving others!

Sometimes we view Jesus as some sort of effeminate hippie with long hair & a dress, as a man who came and got picked on, bullied & killed. But a closer read will reveal a strong, courageous man who stood for truth, was never defeated in a discussion & was not killed by others, but gave Himself freely as a sacrifice for our sin.

Warrior Jesus
A great description of Jesus can be found in Revelation 19 where He is coming back as victorious, warrior Jesus to judge the world. He will be on a white horse, able to see right into the heart of every man; His clothes are covered in the blood splatter of His enemies and the armies of heaven are following Him. He will judge with a sword & will pour out God's wrath upon His enemies.

Jesus & Sin
Many of us tolerate sin in our lives and the lives of others, but Jesus refused to tolerate sin and carefully pointed it out in the lives of those He came in contact with. He calls us to turn away from sin toward Him.
At one point, because sinful men were abusing the Temple, Jesus actually made a whip and with it overturned tables & drove the people out. He must have been strong because not one person stood up to Him or tried to physically stop Him.
This intolerance of sin is why He went to the cross; so that He could make us spotless & without blemish (Eph 6).

We must be like Jesus in this, and rather than tolerating or even wilfully going with sin, we must fight it in our lives and in the lives of others! We are to repent & call others to repentance as Jesus did. And to stand, trusting Him & His Word when sinful men attack, accuse or even kill us because they are offended at the Gospel Truth.

Jesus & Women
Luke's Gospel shows that Jesus had great concern & compassion for women as well as men. His 'heart went out' to the widow in ch7, another example may be when He treated the 'sinful woman' in 7:37-50, not with disdain, as religious people would have, but with compassionate acceptance of her offering. We see His friendship with Mary & Martha (ch10) and His healing of the crippled woman in 13:10-13.

Unlike many men Jesus did not abuse women but treated them with respect & honour. He did not ignore them or treat them as second class, nor as objects for male pleasure. But as human beings who were made in the image & likeness of God.

We men need to severely pull our socks up when it comes to women & wives. Single guys need to stop looking for a girlfriend, going from one girl to the next, and begin searching for a wife. Ladies are not inferior and they are not simply objects for use & abuse. Women are made in the likeness of God, if they are not Christians they need pointed toward Christ. If they are Christians they are to be treated with respect & should be dealt with as sisters.

Married men need to realize that they are married to 'The One' regardless of anything else. Those vows were binding and so we are called to love our wife, romance her, build her up in the faith, protect her, provide for her & give ourselves in the service of her spiritual growth & joy in Jesus. We are to be one woman men, neither looking at other women or even contemplating the thought of another; there is no other option!

Remember that if God chooses to bring one of His daughters into your realm of influence, you'll stand in judgement for how you treat her, so you better help further her faith & sanctification.

Ladies: It is better for you to be single at 40, than to marry a man who has no intention of leading Spiritually in your relationship. If a guy isn't making the effort toward Godly, Biblical Manhood you would be better in the lonely pursuit of Christ than with the hindrance of a sloth for company.

Jesus & Children
Again, Luke's Gospel shows that Jesus had much time for children. Allot of guys in our day ignore their children and view them as annoyances, opting to stay late at work or just to let the woman get on with it, and that's not to mention the children of others. But time and again we see Jesus spending time with children and making it clear that they were not to be hindered in coming to Him.

Too often men ignore, mistreat or abuse women & children, this ought not be the case among Christian men. We should be like Jesus and seek their salvation, sanctification, and protection from sinful men.

There is much more that could be said about this, feel free to add in the comments