Aspects of my Story - Education & Employement

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It's exam result time of the year again & it made me think of my own lack of education, & lament my foolish youth.

Years 4 - 11
For primary school from the age of 4 - 11 i attended a school that is no longer in existence, Newport Primary, just about half a mile from where i lived.

Years 12 - 16
After this i attended Dromore High School, where i stayed until completion of GCSE's at age 16. I enjoyed Dromore, although i didn't put much effort into my education, something i now regret.

In my GCSE's i achieved: B in Geography, 2 C's in Science, C in Maths, C in computer Studies, C in Technology & Design, D in English, D in Religious Education & F in French.

Years 17 - 18
After this i started at Lisburn Tech where i began training as an electrician. Six months in i skipped a day to go play pool, drink some beer & book a holiday with mates, & promptly decided that i didn't want to be a 'spark' after all.
Thus began random flitting to different courses the following year, ending, i think, with Construction & the Built environment' when i was asked to leave after only attending 3 mornings out of 3 months classes.

Through all of this time a man who had become a friend, kept employing either full time or part time depending on what i was doing with my life. For his kindness, patience & help i am forever grateful.

One night upon seeing an advert i signed up for the Royal Naval Reserves and loved it. So i applied for a full time post, passed the tests, passed the medical, got through the interviews. But just 2 weeks before taking up a commission my knee jacked in. This was a problem i'd had at school, but thought i'd grown out of (my knee cap rubs slightly in its joint). So i could no longer go!

Coming up to the present
About a month later, after friends invited me to a youth fellowship i began to understand the Gospel! Jesus redeemed me from my sin, & roughly 2 years later i began working for the mission that i am still with 10 years on; Every Home Crusade!

Final Thoughts
We do not know what is around the corner or where we may want to go in the future, the only thing we know for sure is here & now. My suggestion & encouragement is that wherever we find ourselves, whether; school, university or work; we ought to put utmost energy & effort into it. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; if we don't, we may wish for it in our future!

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