Someone Made a Mistake 10 Years Ago

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I keep expecting one of the mission directors to approach me & tell me that they've made a mistake & i should have been put out after my 6 months probationary period.
But so far they haven't, well not yet anyway!

Yep, i've been working in Every Home Crusade/Revival Movement Association for 10 years today.

Also today, Gary Bolton celebrates his birthday, Happy Birthday mate!


Peter P said...


Keep flying under the radar and they may not notice for another 10 years! ;-)

Boaly said...

That is my intention, stay unnoticed for as long as possible!

heartafire said...

Wow-- I can see how you could stay connected to such an organization, after learning about it.
Seems like a good gig for a lifetime.

Boaly said...


Yeh, i'd be more than happy to stay here for life. Though when my machine goes wick i don't feel that way. But i guess thats good for the old sanctification process