Do You Know Your Biblical References?

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Why don't you try out your knowledge on Biblical references on this quiz from the BBC.

HT:Johnathan Bowers


heartafire said...

8 out of 10 woo-hoo!
I missed Jephthat---thought it was Jehosaphat--- (That's one of those Elisha/Elijah, Barnabus/Barrabus/Bartimaus tricky name combos in the Bible}
Also missed "measure by measure" which sounded quite Pauline...

What a great quiz---and actually, am surprised to have done so well.
But I had to brag.

So I guess now I won't get any heavenly credit, since I had to tell the blogosphere about my stellar performance.

Boaly said...

8 out of ten's class, i'm not telling my score though, it was slightly lower!
I'll blame my son who was on my knee at the time & distracted me... feeble excuse.

Joel said...

I got eight, because I hadn't read Moby Dick or Treasure Island, and I had Salome's relationship to Herod wrong. The latter is embarrassing, anyway.

Boaly said...

Treasure island was a child favourite of mine, but i have to say moby dick...never read it myself. As a child i just laughed at its name!

Joel said...

As a child i just laughed at its name!

Oh, good. I feel better not being the only one!